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Buying an apartment?

Is the purchase of a home off the Spanish coast now or in the coming months? As the real estate business is very lively and the best properties are sold very quickly, we ask you at the beginning of our partnership to tell us your wishes and assumptions about the real estate transaction so that we can act in a timely manner.

If you did not find your dream home in the options currently on sale, we will be waiting to contact you to hear what kind of apartment you are looking for. We work with a number of area brokers and utilize a common housing database in the area to ensure your housing problem materializes.

Selling an apartment?

We are looking for more items to forward. Our high quality service manages your apartment professionally and reliably. Our local affiliate network and numerous marketing channels ensure that your apartment gets the best visibility.


Real estate broker (Costa del Sol area)

Tel: +34 694 404614 (Tuija)
Tel: +34 654 186591 (Hanna)